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Calin Andreescu

I have always been eager to try out any gadget I could get my hands on. I became a tech journalist so that I could always be around technology and see the newest devices. I use gadgets every day to make my work and life easier. I have enough experience to know If a device is actually improving my activity, offers something useful or new. I will post my honest opinions and judge a device as objectively as I can.

Tesla style scooter Gogoro launching in Amsterdam

Gogoro is an all- electric scooter that is powered by user-swappable batteries, unlike other electric vehicles that can be charged at a wall outlet. The scooter was first introduced at the beginning of this year and was being tested ever since in Taipei. Now, the company announced that they plan on …

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Moto 360 2nd generation, still on top of things

Smartwatches were only a dream a few years back, now they are a must have in our lives. Although we can live without them, we don’t want to, because they are quite awesome. We’ve seen an impressive lineup of smartwatches this year, most of them running on Android Wear. The …

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Black November Tablet Sale – Don’t miss it!

Black November Tablet Sale

Everbuying doesn’t settle for a day for Black Friday, they have an entire Black month, and starting November 18, 9:00 UT, they host the Black November Tablet Sale. The event will last for a week, giving customers the opportunity to order the best affordable tablets they can find on the …

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Anonymous promises to wipe ISIS off the Internet


After the horrific events of November 13 in Paris, the globally known hacker group, Anonymous, declared war on ISIS through a video posted on Youtube. According to a spokesman, wearing the now popular Guy Fawkes mask that is characteristic for the group, warned ISIS members that they were coming for …

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Cypress Umbrella will last for a lifetime

There is a great project that is looking for backers on Kickstarter, and there are only 3 days to go if you want to back the Cypress Umbrella. Yes, it is an umbrella, but it might be the last one you will ever need to buy. We can say this because …

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Chuwi Hi8 Pro, an extremely affordable tablet below $100

The smartphone and tablet market grows bigger and bigger each day, giving customers endless possibilities to find exactly what they wish for. If you would like to have an affordable, but still good- quality tablet, you can preorder one from Gearbest for only $95.39. It is the Chuwi Hi8 Pro, …

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Android Wear 1.4 – It’s all in the wrist

Android Wear 1.4

Android Wear 1.4 is Google’s latest update for smartwatches that run on their OS and brings two important improvements to the way we can interact with the device. The update enables the smartwatch to detect and interpret hand and wrist gestures so that a user can control the device or …

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