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Calin Andreescu

I have always been eager to try out any gadget I could get my hands on. I became a tech journalist so that I could always be around technology and see the newest devices. I use gadgets every day to make my work and life easier. I have enough experience to know If a device is actually improving my activity, offers something useful or new. I will post my honest opinions and judge a device as objectively as I can.

Vinclu’s Gatebox Brings a Holographic Assistant to Our Homes

Artificial intelligence is gaining a lot of terrain these days and tech companies are developing multiple products that use this feature. Vinclu, a Japanese company is currently working on a device, called Gatebox, that is somewhat similar to Amazon’s Echo but the company adds even more personality to the gadget with …

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Brave Browser Promises to be Faster and Ad-Free

brave browser

Brendan Eich’s startup company, Brave Software, released a test version of a new web browser, called the Brave browser, on Wednesday, and it promises to be faster than any other browser we currently use. Eich was one of the major figures behind the Mozilla Firefox browser, and he also invented the …

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Fitbit Can Capture the Moment We Feel Heartbroken

We usually wear our fitness trackers in order to monitor our exercises and how our bodies react when we work out. What we didn’t realise until now, is that these trackers not only show what we want them to show, they also record a bunch of data we didn’t even …

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NutriRay3D Delivers Real Time Nutritional Data


People are becoming more and more aware that they should carefully monitor their eating habits and diet in order to live a healthy and long life. We have a number of gadgets that monitor different aspects of our eating habits, but none so impressive as the NutriRay3D which tracks your diet …

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