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Calin Andreescu

I have always been eager to try out any gadget I could get my hands on. I became a tech journalist so that I could always be around technology and see the newest devices. I use gadgets every day to make my work and life easier. I have enough experience to know If a device is actually improving my activity, offers something useful or new. I will post my honest opinions and judge a device as objectively as I can.

Surface Pro Power Cords recalled Due to Fire Risks

surface pro

According to reports, Microsoft is planning on recalling the power cord that came with Surface Pro devices that are previous to the Pro 4 that was released last year. The issue can come up with devices that were sold before July 15, 2015.  It seems that the reason is an …

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Samsung Fitness Tracker Could Come in Two Pieces

samsung fitness tracker

Samsung’s Gear S2 smartwatch is considered to be by some one of the best smartwatches and fitness trackers on the market right now. The next Samsung fitness tracker, the SM-R150 ( the official name of the model will probably be a more catchy one), was revealed in some photos lately …

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iPhone 6 Battery Percentage Freezing Investigated by Apple

iPhone 6

Some iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S users reported that their smartphones don’t display the correct battery percentage. The problem seems to occur more often when users travel to another time zone or manually change the time on their devices. Even though the problem doesn’t affect the battery life of the …

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Tidal Charged Ex-Subscribers with $19.99


You might think that unsubscribing from a service is the easiest thing to do, but in some cases, this is not true at all. Those who had a Tidal subscription but gave it up still got charged with $19.99 yesterday and their accounts were reactivated. Thankfully, the streaming service quickly …

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Galaxy Note 5 S Pen Issue Solved

Galaxy Note 5 S Pen

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is one of the best smartphones on the market right now, but it is not flawless, unfortunately. Many users reported that when they inserted the S Pen into its slot the wrong way, retrieving it without breaking it was almost impossible to do. Of course, …

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Microsoft Lumia 650 Will Be Announced on February 1

Microsoft Lumia 650

There was a lot of chatter regarding the next generation budget phone that will be delivered by Microsoft, the Lumia 650, and after all the rumor and gossip it seems that the official announcement is finally approaching. According to Windows Central, multiple sources have confirmed that the budget Windows phone …

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Microsoft’s Word Flow Coming to iPhones

Word Flow Keyboard

One of the favorite features of Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile users is probably the Word Flow keyboard, which makes typing a lot easier. Given the popularity of the interface feature, Microsoft thought about making it available for other operating systems also. The iOS is the first one in …

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RWATCH M26 Smartwatch Available for under $17

rwatch m26

Smartwatches seem to take the place of the regular timepieces we all used to own. There are high-end smartwatches made from extremely high-quality materials and interesting features, that cost a lot of money, and there are more affordable ones, like the RWATCH M26, which can be purchased for more than …

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