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I am passionate about gadgets and everything tech related.

How Robotics Is Transforming The Construction Industry

Experts recently prepared an insightful report entitled Global Construction & Demolition Robots Market. The study reveals the impact that robots have on the construction industry. It focuses on the industry environment and segmentation analysis. Tech enthusiasts are also intrigued by the competitive landscape information provided. By reading the report, you …

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How Fast Does Your Internet Need to Be for Online Games?

Looking at the gaming industry, it seems as though everyone is moving towards faster internet connections and multiplayer games. There are several game streaming services available for gamers, such as the Google Stadia streaming service, while Microsoft is also testing Project xCloud. These services allow you to stream games to …

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Samsung to Finally Deliver the Foldable Smartphone

foldable smartphone

Rumors regarding a foldable Samsung smartphone started surfacing more than a year ago. We first reported on the matter back in 2015, when everyone thought that the South Korean company will launch the gadget in 2016. 2016 came and passed, and nothing happened. Now, according to Korean site ET News, it …

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Next Generation LeapPad and LeapStart Unveiled by LeapFrog at 2017 North American International Toy Fair


LeapFrog Enetrpises, Inc. recently unveiled the new generation of its innovative learning toys for children. Now, people have a new version of the LeapPad and the LeapStart platforms. The LeapPad Ultimate tablet is the latest addition to the company’s lineup of educational tablets. The LeapStart Learning System also got an enhancement, as …

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Gameband is the Ultimate Wearable for Gamers


Wearable gadgets slowly became a part of our lives. The first models were only tracking the number of steps the users have taken or the pulse of the person wearing them. Thankfully, technology si constantly evolving and so are our gadgets. The smart wearables we now have are quite amazing, …

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