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IBM launches generative model services and more

IBM, like most tech giants, is betting big on AI. IBM Watsonx, a new platform for building AI models and accessing pretrained models for generating code, text, and more, was announced at its annual Think conference. It’s a slap in the face to IBM’s back-office managers, who were recently told …

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Volkswagen reorganizes software Cariad again

Three years after launching Cariad, VW Group has changed its leadership again. On Monday, Cariad’s board replaced CEO Dirk Hilgenberg with VW’s Bentley manufacturing chief Peter Bosch. Hilgenberg joined Cariad 2020. Bosch will lead June 1. Restructuring eliminated CFO Thomas Sedran and CTO Lynn Longo. VW has struggled to launch …

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Elizabeth Holmes alone

The New York Times’ 5,500-word profile of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes was criticized this morning for being too sympathetic. However, Amy Chozick is complicit. Her story may reveal how Holmes captivated investors, business partners, and the U.S. media before The Wall Street Journal exposed her company in late 2015. Nice …

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Western Digital claims hackers stole customer data

Western Digital informed customers that their data was stolen on Friday, a month after it disclosed a data breach. On March 26, the company detected “a network security incident” where hackers “gained access to a number of the Company’s systems,” according to a press release. “The Company proactively disconnected our …

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Twitter’s public announcement API is free

Twitter announced Tuesday that its API is free for public announcements like weather alerts, transportation updates, and emergency warnings. The company said verified government or public-owned services posting public utility alerts will receive free API usage. One of the most important use cases for the Twitter API has always been …

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