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The world’s first genetically modified cow has successfully produced human insulin in her milk

Brazilian scientists have successfully genetically modified a cow to secrete human insulin in her milk, marking a significant milestone as the first transgenic cow to achieve this remarkable feat. Although still distant, the researchers anticipate that this bovine advancement might facilitate sustainable insulin manufacturing and address global insulin supply challenges. …

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Fujitsu, a prominent technology company, has reported being hacked and issued cautions about a data breach

In a statement released on Friday, Fujitsu, a prominent multinational technology corporation, acknowledged the occurrence of a cyberattack and expressed concerns over the theft of personal data and customer information by hackers.Fujitsu stated on its website, translated from Japanese, that they have verified the existence of malware on several work …

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Apple is purportedly investigating a potential collaboration with Google to provide Gemini-powered functionality for iPhones

According to Bloomberg, Apple is seeking a partnership with Google to use the Gemini AI model to enhance functionality on the iPhone. This strategic move will put Google in a dominant position, given its existing agreement with Apple to serve as the primary search engine provider for the Safari browser …

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Spotify introduces music videos in certain countries

Spotify is incorporating music videos into its mobile and desktop applications in some regions. The streaming behemoth is closely connected to the company’s music catalog, allowing users to effortlessly transition between audio and music videos on both mobile and desktop applications.Music videos are now under beta testing in 11 specific …

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Luminary Cloud’s simulator utilizes GPUs to accelerate product design

Simulations are a crucial component of physical product engineering. They let engineers develop prototypes and predict their real-world performance by considering aspects like aerodynamic drag, air and water fluxes, pressure, and temperature distributions.Jason Lango, the CEO of Luminary Cloud, said that current engineering simulations are sluggish and challenging to expand.“Many …

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