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As long-time IT enthusiasts, gamers and gadget fanatics, Mark and I have been working in the industry for a long time and we both have a vast experience in dealing with smartphones, tablets, PC and console hardware and everything tech-related. My list of industry insiders is long-enough to allow me to get insights into what's going on in the technology field and provide my readers with interesting and timely updates. I focus on brief, to-the-point reporting, keeping the "bla bla" to a minimum and making sure my readers get easy access to important information and updates. I mainly specialize in Android-based mobile devices, leaving iOS and Apple devices in Mark's capable hands.

New Android Wear Smartwatches Confirmed by Google

android wear

Rumor had it that after releasing its own smartphones, Google will launch its own smartwatches too. The rumor was just confirmed by Jeff Chang, the product manager of Android Wear. He also mentioned that the new wearables will launch sometime in early 2017. Basically, that’s only a few weeks away. …

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Nintendo Shares Rise Thanks To Super Mario


In the summer, when Pokémon Go was launched, Nintendo shares rose quite spectacularly. Unfortunately for the company, they also plummeted only a few days after, when people realized that they won’t necessarily get rich because of the popular smartphone app. Now, the shares of the Japanese company start rising again, …

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Meizu Pro 6S to Feature 10-core Processor

meizu pro 6s

Meizu just announced the Pro 6S, and it promises to be one hell of a smartphone. The first thing that strikes us looking at the photos of the smartphone is its resemblance to the iPhone 7. Of course, this is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, the iPhone is …

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The new HTC Desire 10 is Simply Gorgeous

htc desire 10

HTC just introduced the latest addition to their smartphone lineup, the HTC Desire 10, and the first thing anyone could think when looking at the handset is “Wow, it’s gorgeous.” As one Tweeter user stated, it possibly is the sexiest smartphone on the market right now. The Desire might be …

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The iOS 10 Update is Causing Some Serious Problems

iOS 10

Once upon a time, no one could expect better software and hardware than the ones coming from Apple and Samsung. This year, however, it seems that both companies managed to disappoint their fans. First, Samsung’s otherwise truly amazing Galaxy Note 7 started exploding without any obvious reasons, and now, Apple’s …

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