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Jacob Chambers

As long-time IT enthusiasts, gamers and gadget fanatics, Mark and I have been working in the industry for a long time and we both have a vast experience in dealing with smartphones, tablets, PC and console hardware and everything tech-related. My list of industry insiders is long-enough to allow me to get insights into what's going on in the technology field and provide my readers with interesting and timely updates. I focus on brief, to-the-point reporting, keeping the "bla bla" to a minimum and making sure my readers get easy access to important information and updates. I mainly specialize in Android-based mobile devices, leaving iOS and Apple devices in Mark's capable hands.

Application of the week: Palabre

Palabre, application of the week!

When it announced it would close the Reader service, Google said that one of the main reasons behind decision was that service was no longer popular. It’s true, RSS technology has never been popular for the public, and Facebook and Twitter have further undermined the usefulness, but the Android users …

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Periscope was released as a version for Android

Periscope for Android was finally released

Periscope is an application that lets you watch live stream sessions and submit your own videos to users worldwide. The app is now also available as an Android version. The application retains all the functions available for iOS, such as the support for saving live stream sessions for later viewing …

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Soon you will not be able to access Youtube from some devices

Youtube will no longer work on older devices

Due to significant changes of functionality and interface, the guys from YouTube announced they will cut access to the service for multiple devices. Normally, you would believe that YouTube offers for free video clips to all the interested Internet users. Unfortunately, this will be increasingly less true if we are …

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Firefox browser for iOS is in Beta stage

Mozilla has rejected, for a long period of time, the idea of bringing a Firefox browser for iOS, despite the fact that Apple phones and tablets were the most popular mobile terminals used for browsing. Still, after much thinking, Mozilla announced last year, in December, that they will produce a …

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A lot of smartphones, few real best options

If you are a pretentious person and you want to buy the best smartphone, you have to choose between these 2 great smartphones brand names: Apple and Samsung. And this is not necessarily a good thing. The last reviews from the web about the Samsung Galaxy S6 reconfirm that this …

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