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As long-time IT enthusiasts, gamers and gadget fanatics, Mark and I have been working in the industry for a long time and we both have a vast experience in dealing with smartphones, tablets, PC and console hardware and everything tech-related. My list of industry insiders is long-enough to allow me to get insights into what's going on in the technology field and provide my readers with interesting and timely updates. I focus on brief, to-the-point reporting, keeping the "bla bla" to a minimum and making sure my readers get easy access to important information and updates. I mainly specialize in Android-based mobile devices, leaving iOS and Apple devices in Mark's capable hands.

Lenovo sales in 2014

Lenovo, the famous Chinese IT company, made public some information regarding their sales in the last year, 2014. It seems the sales were very successful. But, most probably, these high number of sales would not have been at this level if Lenovo had not been bought some other great companies. …

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Windows 10 is not free for pirates

In the last time, there were all kinds of comments regarding the gratuity of Windows 10 for different categories of users. Some of these comments were launched by Microsoft insiders, it happened the same as it did when there were rumors about the free upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows …

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Take Two is having a great time

Take Two is the company who created the famous Grand Theft Auto game series. More precisely. Take Two is the owner of Rockstar and 2K Games. On a short term, Take Two has total receipts by 427.7 million dollars. This means the company had a plus of 83.5% total receipts, …

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Google promises to reduce RAM consumption for Chrome

Google Chrome was at first a browser that did not consume many system resources. Its minimalist design was very specific and this browser was the quickest of its time. Chrome has added a lot of technologies and functions to every version, and the browser became resource consumer and it diminished …

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WhatsApp Material Design New Interface

WhatsApp for Android moved on a new Interface called Material Design. WhatsApp Material Design spent only one month in Beta and it is now present in the Play store. The application brings to life new features and functionality, as we will try to show them to you in the next …

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New Gmail login screen from Google

Google has recently introduced a new way to autentify as a user for your Gmail account. This new Gmail login screen may not necessarily be on the users liking. This is because the new variant for the authentication menu is very different from before. And we all know users are …

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