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EU lawmakers support generative AI transparency and safety

  MEPs voted this morning to amend the bloc’s draft AI legislation, including requiring foundational models that underpin generative AI technologies like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The amendment agreed by MEPs in two committees required foundational model providers to apply safety checks, data governance measures, and risk mitigations before releasing their models, …

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The US seizes more DDoS-for-hire domains

The U.S. has seized 13 more domains linked to popular DDoS-for-hire websites. These “booter” or “stressor” websites allow admins to stress-test websites. The services actually launch DDoS attacks to take down websites and networks. On Monday, the DOJ announced that the FBI had seized 13 more domains linked to some …

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GDPR fine for MWC’s biometric ID checks due diligence

European conferences and other in-person events are rushing to use facial recognition without considering data protection risks. beware: Spain’s data protection watchdog fined Mobile World Congress (MWC) organizers €200,000 ($224k) for violating privacy rules at the 2021 show in Barcelona. The Agencia Espaola de Protección de Datos (AEPD) found MWC …

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IBM launches generative model services and more

IBM, like most tech giants, is betting big on AI. IBM Watsonx, a new platform for building AI models and accessing pretrained models for generating code, text, and more, was announced at its annual Think conference. It’s a slap in the face to IBM’s back-office managers, who were recently told …

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Volkswagen reorganizes software Cariad again

Three years after launching Cariad, VW Group has changed its leadership again. On Monday, Cariad’s board replaced CEO Dirk Hilgenberg with VW’s Bentley manufacturing chief Peter Bosch. Hilgenberg joined Cariad 2020. Bosch will lead June 1. Restructuring eliminated CFO Thomas Sedran and CTO Lynn Longo. VW has struggled to launch …

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