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As long-time IT enthusiasts, gamers and gadget fanatics, Mark and I have been working in the industry for a long time and we both have a vast experience in dealing with smartphones, tablets, PC and console hardware and everything tech-related. My list of industry insiders is long-enough to allow me to get insights into what's going on in the technology field and provide my readers with interesting and timely updates. I focus on brief, to-the-point reporting, keeping the "bla bla" to a minimum and making sure my readers get easy access to important information and updates. I mainly specialize in Android-based mobile devices, leaving iOS and Apple devices in Mark's capable hands.

First images with Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

As it was already expected, we found new details about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Smartphone version. Although Samsung has not yet announced anything officially, the first images with Samsung Galaxy S6 were already spread over the Internet. There are no details about the internal hardware. By continuing the tradition …

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Angry Planes – a great mode for GTA 5

We finally see on the games market the famous Grand Theft Auto 5 from the well known serie, with its surprising and spectacular Angry planes mode. This game has delayed its launch for 2 years, compared to consoles. But the wait seems to be very worth it. The graphics is …

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Skype universal translator for voice calls

The new Skype universal translator for voice is ready for the audience. In the last 6 months it was perfected in a Beta environment by a small group and now all Skype users can try it. What it is really interesting is the fact that a modified Skype version for …

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Verizon buys AOL for a record sum of money

Verizon buys AOL for a few billions dollars! Verizon announced that they will buy AOL, the well known Internet media company. The price was set at 4,4 billion $, which is a lot of money. Verizon did this purchase because they have a LTE and an Internet video strategy and …

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Microsoft spends money in undersea cables

Do you know where Microsoft has last invested? It seems that they put a lot of money in undersea cables, in order to connect its North American Data Center with Ireland and UK. The subsea cable will be built by TE SubCom. The cable is provided by Hibernia and Aqua …

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Self driving cars analysis report

Self driving cars represent the future of transport. The advantages of self driving seem clear: no drunken drivers, no human errors, no human emotions like aggression in the traffic, impatience, texting while driving or hurry. But for the moment, things are yet far from being as perfect as self driving …

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AMD aims to Desktop and Datacenter

AMD changed significantly the target audience for its products. AMD brought a new range of products for its customers but it did not limit only to that, so they moved away from low end computers to commercial and high end computers and data center. AMD is now selling some new …

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Will Windows 10 be the last version number?

Windows 10 Microsoft

Jerry Nixon, Microsoft developer guru, made an interesting announcement in Chicago, last week. He was present at a conference for the Ignite company and he declared that Windows 10 will be the last Windows version. He said that they are still working on Windows 10, because it is the last …

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Microsoft Edge Browser is worth trying

Internet Explorer is no longer present into the web world. But as any important software, it left a faster and a modern successor to us. Microsoft Edge browser was known after its previous code name – Microsoft Spartan. Its well known new features are the extensions. Edge also keeps from …

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Adware infection became viral for Google users

Adware can easily infect any pc nowadays. Superfish, for example, the adware that was pre-loaded on Lenovo pc’s, is a good example in this respect but it is not singular. Google and a few universities from California, Santa Barbara and Berkley made a research about how this somehow considered malware …

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