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Mary Smith

Mary Smith
Hi fellow tech enthusiasts! I'm Mary. I enjoy writing about tech, but I love tinkering with gadgets more. If it can take a screwdriver, leave it to me to fix it (or brick it). I'm passionate about Android and I'm all in for Google, but I don't stray from Apple nor Windows, so I'll keep you up to date on everything mobile (or stationary).

Microsoft targets Lenovos Superfish with Defender update


Lenovo’s Superfish adware that was found installed on the company’s notebooks has sparked a lot of outrage in the media, social media and among Lenovo users, only to receive a simple apology, a brush on the shoulder, and a promise to not do this anymore from the Chinese company. Microsoft …

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Motorola is planning something exciting for us


Motorola is prepping for something exciting, as the company has announced that it would be sending out mystery boxes on February 25th to members of the press. 9to5Google got hold of the announcement which contains a short quote from Motorola saying that members of the press should be prepared on …

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Lenovo serves up adware Superfish to its loyal customers


Recently, a surprisingly discovery has come to light in the limelight of technology: Superfish. No, we’re not talking about a prehistoric fish that can fly, rather something much more worrisome and annoying at the same time. Lenovo, one of the leading suppliers of mobile computing hardware all around the world, …

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Protect autistic kids with high-tech clothing


High-tech clothing has recently become one of the more popular branches of wearable technology as designers as well as tech firms are getting into making fashionable and useful high-tech clothing items, for various purposes. So far, most high-tech clothing is designed with sports enthusiasts and buffs in mind, offering fitness …

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