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Mary Smith

Mary Smith
Hi fellow tech enthusiasts! I'm Mary. I enjoy writing about tech, but I love tinkering with gadgets more. If it can take a screwdriver, leave it to me to fix it (or brick it). I'm passionate about Android and I'm all in for Google, but I don't stray from Apple nor Windows, so I'll keep you up to date on everything mobile (or stationary).

Facebook pages will start losing likes


Facebook has published today a new press release that details the new policies that will influence likes on public pages, which roughly translates to: pages will lose likes over the following few weeks. Before judging March Zuckerberg and Facebook for stealing likes, be aware of the fact that they are …

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Malware distribution rates have doubled over the past year


2014 was the year of cyber-attacks and malware distribution, which is evident in major incidents involving Sony Entertainment, Lenovo, Microsoft, PlayStation, iCloud, the White House and other seemingly secure platforms. These enormous hacks have gone as far as to target bank records and databases and stealing information as well as …

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Vuzix reveals new IWear video headphones at GDC 2015


The Game Developers Conference, aka GDC 2015 seems to be focusing heavily on virtual reality this year, as Vuzix joins the ranks of Sony, ReachVR and Softkinetic, Oculus Rift, Opaque, Valve and more in unveiling a new virtual reality headset. The Vuzix IWear video headphones are the newest tech from …

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ReachVR: 3D mapping limbs in virtual reality


Virtual reality is the high-tech topic of conversation these days, as companies like Samsung and Sony have both introduced advances to their respective devices. Samsung has launched the Gear VR for the Galaxy S6, which is just the plain old VR headset launched with the Galaxy Note 4, but tailored …

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Runcible: the future of connected technology


Monohm’s Runcible is not a wearable, even though it has the word “run” in its name. The Runcible isn’t a smartphone either. It’s a pocket watch. But that’s not the most interesting part about this gadget. The most interesting part is that it aims to get you away from the …

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Cortana in Spartan browser: more than we expected


At the MWC 2015, Cortana was one of the headliners in the Microsoft show today, as the Redmond giant detailed a few features of the virtual assistant that will be available once Windows 10 is out in the open. Windows 10 should be launched mid-2015, alongside Windows Phone and the …

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