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Mary Smith
Hi fellow tech enthusiasts! I'm Mary. I enjoy writing about tech, but I love tinkering with gadgets more. If it can take a screwdriver, leave it to me to fix it (or brick it). I'm passionate about Android and I'm all in for Google, but I don't stray from Apple nor Windows, so I'll keep you up to date on everything mobile (or stationary).

HP, or rather Microsoft releases the Spectre x360


HP and Microsoft seem to have struck a deal for the MWC 2015 this year, as the newest laptop from the American company debuted today at the MWC 2015 show. The HP Spectre x360 isn’t that special, to be fair, as it is in line with HP’s design language and performance, …

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Swatch smart watch gets real and down to Earth


Swatch promised that it would launch its own smart watch this year, saying that it has been working on something long before Apple ever began its work on the Apple Watch. The day when Swatch gives in to the new smart watch market has come, and it has materialized in …

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Microsoft launches cross-platform foldable keyboard


Microsoft has brought a curious device to the MWC 2015 show today, one that many were looking forward to, even though maybe not consciously. The foldable keyboard is the newest gadget from the Redmond giant and it’s actually a concept many have envisioned over the past years, but maybe not …

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Project Ara will include Sennheiser audio modules


Google‘s Project Ara is moving ahead as planned as more and more hardware manufacturing companies announce support for the modular smartphone that users will be able to put together themselves. If your not familiar with Project Ara or Phoneblocks, you should know that Google is trying to create a modular …

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Vurb is aiming to dethrone Google Search


Google Search is probably the most used search engine across the world, yet Vurb, the newest search engine aims to draw customers in with quite a few neat features. Vurb is totally new and completely free, and it’s not actually a search engine per se. It’s more of a mobile …

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Butterfly sensor is a breakthrough in bomb detection


Researchers at General Electric Global Research have come with a so-called butterfly sensor that will help improve the technology used to detect explosive materials and weaponry, such as bombs. Nowadays, the technology used to detect this kind of dangerous weaponry that is usually involved in terrorist attacks is bulky, expensive …

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