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Stanford engineers have developed a revolutionary actuator that reduces energy consumption by 97%

Scientists at Stanford have created a new device that can perform dynamic tasks with significantly less energy than before.As machines continue to advance, they are being tasked with more and more complex and dynamic responsibilities. This includes creating powered prostheses for amputees and developing robots capable of navigating the outside …

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Transparent Cells Could Transform Windows Into Solar Energy Harvesters

South Korean researchers recently made progress in the field of semi-transparent perovskite solar cells, which could eventually allow windows to produce energy. The semi-transparent perovskite solar cells recently reached an efficiency exceeding 21 percent, setting a new record for this technology, according to the researchers. Moreover, more than 99% of …

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Microorganisms discovered at a depth of 1,250 meters under the Earth’s surface had the ability to convert carbon dioxide into crystalline structures

Located in the subterranean depths of South Dakota’s Black Hills, there exists a bacteria with the capacity to efficiently convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into a solid mineral under very challenging circumstances. If scientists can harness these peculiar bacteria, they might provide a novel method for capturing greenhouse gases from exhausted …

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Formant handles data for robotics companies

Ten years ago this December, Google acquired Bot & Dolly and about a dozen other robotics companies. San Francisco-based firm known for special effects work on films like “Gravity,” was merged into a new portfolio with ambitious industry-changing plans. Things didn’t go as planned for many reasons we won’t discuss. …

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Honeywell security flaws could disrupt critical industries

Honeywell devices used in critical industries have numerous vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to cause physical disruption and possibly endanger lives. Armis, an asset security cybersecurity company, found nine vulnerabilities in Honeywell’s Experion distributed control system (DCS) products. These digital automated industrial control systems control large industrial processes in critical …

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The largest hydrogen fuel cell ever to fly takes to the skies thanks to Universal Hydrogen

Co-founder and CEO Paul Eremenko called it the start of a “new golden age of aviation” as a Universal Hydrogen-branded jet made its first test flight in eastern Washington using the largest hydrogen fuel cell ever used to power an aircraft. Even though the 15-minute test flight of the modified …

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