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Tesla is reducing its global workforce by over 10%

Reports indicate that Tesla is implementing a workforce reduction in order to improve efficiency and reduce expenses. CEO Elon Musk has reportedly communicated this decision to employees via an internal email.In an email, the CEO of the electric automaker announced that there will be a reduction in the company’s global …

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The Chang’e-5 mission has discovered two previously unknown lunar minerals that were formed as a result of space weathering

The Chang’e-5 Moon mission has discovered two novel minerals composed of titanium and oxygen in lunar samples. These minerals, which are the seventh and eighth to be discovered on the Moon, have never been observed in their natural state on Earth or any other location.Recent research has uncovered the significance …

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There was a significant increase in specific Google searches immediately following the solar eclipse in the United States, which raised concerns

A complete solar eclipse occurred throughout North America yesterday, in the event that you are the sole individual who overlooked it and questioned why there was a brief period of darkness during daylight hours.Considering the extensive coverage everywhere, it is highly unlikely that you overlooked it. There were numerous online …

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