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Twitter bio updates restore blue checks, lol

Jumpscare: A Twitter bug allows legacy blue check holders to update their bio and temporarily regain their badge of (dis)honor. I added a few spaces and got my check back. It even said I’m “notable in government, news, entertainment, or another designated category,” even though I didn’t pay for it. …

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Event stage POSH wants to democratize event planning

POSH is an event management and ticketing platform for event organizers, promoters, and people who just want to charge their friends for drinking all the expensive alcohol at their birthday party. After October 2020’s beta, POSH launched Thursday. The company launched and announced its $5 million seed round, co-led by …

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Cryptocurrency thieves are hacking AT&T email accounts

Has discovered that hackers are breaking into AT&T email accounts and stealing crypto from victims’ cryptocurrency exchange accounts. At the beginning of the month, an anonymous source told that a group of cybercriminals had hacked AT&T email addresses like att.net, sbcglobal.net, bellsouth.net, and others. According to the tipster, the hackers …

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Bastion provides complete cybersecurity for small businesses

Bastion, a French startup founded in October 2022, simplifies cybersecurity for small businesses. The Palantir-founded company has raised $2.8 million. Bastion wants to be your only cybersecurity subscription. Software-as-a-service bundles several cybersecurity products. First, Global Founders Capital, Kima Ventures, Motier Ventures, and business angels Denis Duverne, Joshua Motta, Renaud Deraison, …

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Crypto after death?

Imagine a crypto-rich relative or friend dies. While grieving, you may also wonder what happens to their assets. If they left any, how do you get them? Jaime Herren, a Holland & Knight attorney, advises young cryptocurrency holders to consider these questions. Estate planning is often overlooked as the crypto …

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