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Dota 2 – A Brief Overview

Even if Dota 2 has been in existence for a while now, over the course of time, it has gone through numerous changes. And these changes ultimately altered the gaming experience. That being said, before you start looking for practical Dota 2 team rankings or a comprehensive Dota 2 betting …

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Five of the Best New Start-Ups

Co-founder and co-CEO of Warby Parker best describes startups. “A startup” he says “is a company working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed.” Start-ups are entrepreneurial ventures which involve new health, recreation, online casino, education, technological and other types of businesses …

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Online Gaming in New Zeeland

Gambling in New Zealand started in the 1830s. Primarily, the bets were placed on horse races. It was the Kiwis, particularly, George Julius in 1913, who first allowed the fans to see what positions the horses were in throughout the race. Despite New Zealand being an isolated island, this has …

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5 Major Reasons Why Your Website is Slow

Slow websites are a massive pain for both the visitor and the developer. We live in a world where we get frustrated when a website takes longer than two seconds to load because we are so used to instantaneous results. In this day and age, slow websites are almost inexcusable. …

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Skins for Minecraft

Skin is a texture placed on a player or mob model. The texture is presented in the form of a PNG file, on which parts of the body are depicted separately. Each part of the body is presented in the form of two layers: on the first layer the body …

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How and why You Should buy Aelf

Ethereum was the first blockchain network to offer a platform for building decentralized applications. Now, more than 5 other decentralized networks are offering the same services. Some are already threatening ethereum with their more advanced capabilities. Aelf, a programmable Operating System is one of them. Developed by a Singapore-based team, …

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5 Ways technology will change the future of gambling

Anyone can agree that technology has profoundly improved people’s life. It has not only transformed our everyday life, it has also transformed most businesses as well. Naturally, the gambling business is no exception. For example, thanks to technologies, the shift from brick-and-mortar gambling venues to online ones like roulettevision.com were …

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