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Malware distribution rates have doubled over the past year


2014 was the year of cyber-attacks and malware distribution, which is evident in major incidents involving Sony Entertainment, Lenovo, Microsoft, PlayStation, iCloud, the White House and other seemingly secure platforms. These enormous hacks have gone as far as to target bank records and databases and stealing information as well as …

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Swatch smart watch gets real and down to Earth


Swatch promised that it would launch its own smart watch this year, saying that it has been working on something long before Apple ever began its work on the Apple Watch. The day when Swatch gives in to the new smart watch market has come, and it has materialized in …

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Vurb is aiming to dethrone Google Search


Google Search is probably the most used search engine across the world, yet Vurb, the newest search engine aims to draw customers in with quite a few neat features. Vurb is totally new and completely free, and it’s not actually a search engine per se. It’s more of a mobile …

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Pebble Time is the new color Pebble smart watch


Pebble Time is the new name for the brand new smart watch from the Silicon Valley startup and it has been officially unveiled today. It’s not anything like modern Android Wear watches, that’s for sure, but it’s something that might interest those who like Gameboys and other retro things. The …

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Kyocera and SunPartner introducing solar-powered smartphone


Kyocera and SunPartner have announced their partnership at the end of 2014, but we didn’t expect these two companies to come forward with a new device so soon. It seems our assumptions were wrong, because Kyocera and SunPartner¬†have spilled the beans about a new rugged smartphone powered by light, through …

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Youtube Kids launched for both Android and iOS devices


Youtube Kids has been announced last week, but many were thinking the application would only be available on Android devices at first. That seems to have been misinformation, as today is the launch day of Youtube Kids and it seems the app will be available for both Android and iOS …

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Motorola is planning something exciting for us


Motorola is prepping for something exciting, as the company has announced that it would be sending out mystery boxes on February 25th to members of the press. 9to5Google got hold of the announcement which contains a short quote from Motorola saying that members of the press should be prepared on …

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