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FreedomPop smartphone

FreedomPop To Build WiFi First Smartphone

FreedomPop and Intel are partnering up to build the first smartphone that includes free cellular phone service. The FreedomPop smartphone will be a WiFi- focused device. Users will be able to make calls and text only by connecting to WiFi networks and if there aren’t any available in the area, …

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G4 Stylus vs Note 5 – a stylus duel

The LG G4 Stylus and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 are two of best phablet devices out there. To make the user’s interaction more pleasant these devices have a secret weapon, a stylus. The Stylus is a pen shaped tool, with a narrow tip that provides great accuracy when using in …

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300 dollars budget for a phone – 5 great options

If you have a 300 dollars budget to buy a smartphone you will be pleasantly surprised to find a lot of devices equipped with high-end hardware. The main attractions in the tech world are the powerful flagships, top of the line devices that bring new features and push the industry’s boundaries. Those …

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OnePlus X vs. Sony Xperia Z5

The OnePlus X was revealed this week. It is a low budget smartphone but it is also a beautiful device. The Xperia Z5 is about the same size as the OnePlus X, so we decided to compare them in order to see which one has more to offer. They are …

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