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Galaxy Note 5 Early Release?

Samsung has caught the attention of many, especially with rumors of an early Galaxy Note 5 release. And the teaser they released gives the supposed phone a lot of hype. Also coming out of these rumors is the Galaxy Note Edge 2. Youtube has a teaser video for Samsung customers. It …

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Intex Including “Nanu” Free Calling App

India has been the center of attention for every major smartphone company. With millions of people residing within its borders, it’s a market waiting to be tapped into. Now, Indian smartphone maker Intex Technologies has partnered with a Singapore-based mobile application company to create Nanu, a free calling app available only …

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Leaked Photos of Sony Lavender

Well, in celebration of everything that has been leaked from the major tech companies, Sony has decided to cash in on the fun (or at least someone wanted them to). Alleged photos of Sony’s smartphone Lavender phone have made their way onto several websites, along with the rumored specs it …

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Samsung Winning the VR Market?

With Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge sales faltering, it would be hard to imagine them benefiting from their losses. However, out of the mess they’ve created, Samsung has potentially won themselves the virtual reality market with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Their VR headset, the Gear VR Innovator, …

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Samsung’s Disastrous Galaxy S6

Samsung’s claims of 20 million orders for the Galaxy S6 have ended in failure. The company has shipped out less than 10 million phones out of the 60 million they created. This puts Samsung in a precarious position, because in no way shape or form are they going to be …

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Oppo R7 and Oppo R7 Plus: bezelless heaven

Oppo today launched the Oppo R7 and Oppo R7 Plus, two phones that have been repeatedly leaked in the past few weeks. There were a lot of expectations about these smartphones in the tech community, the most prominent of which was the bezelless aspect of the Oppo R7 that had …

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ZenFone 2 Rivaling Samsung?

So, as we’ve seen, ASUS has been pushing hard into the smartphone market. They’ve been preparing a smartphone line that rivals even their competitors. Since their ZenFones entered the market, they’ve seen an increased popularity with their smartphones, but not so much in the North American region. With the release …

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Huawei and LG Building Google’s Smartphone?

It is unclear about the relationship that Google has with Huawei and LG. However, as more and more rumors are coming out concerning Google’s Nexus smartphone, fingers are pointing at Huawei and LG for working on two different versions. But coming out of these rumors is Huawei’s next smartphone, the …

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AT&T Started Selling LG Escape 2?

Not much attention has been given to the fact that AT&T has started to sell the LG Escape 2. As of right now, the price of the phone is $179.99 without a contract. Website Bidness Etc is unsure of how long the device will be available with AT&T but said, …

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