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Firefox for iOS

Firefox for iOS is finally here

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular internet browsers out there but until now it wasn’t present on any of the iOS devices out there. Now, it finally arrived on iPhones and other iOS running devices, meaning that anyone who wants to have Firefox for iOS on their device …

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Candy Crush King Digital Sold

Candy Crush Developer King Digital Bought for $5.9 Billion

Activision Blizzard, one of the biggest names in video games just made a huge announcement. They are acquiring King Digital Entertainment, the company that brought us Candy Crush. Activision and Candy Crush’s King Digital sealed the deal for $18 in cash per share. This means that the global price of King …

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Podcasters get a lucky break in Play Music

Google Play Music is becoming a richer audio application as of today as Google announced that it would be adding a new Podcast category to the library. According to the blog post the company’s Android team published today, podcasters and their shows will be able to access a much larger crowd …

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Youtube Red- Google’s Subscription Video Service

Youtube finally launched its much awaited Youtube Red subscription video service. here were a lot of rumors circulating about it lately and starting October 28 it will be available in the US.  The Youtube Red will roll out globally at a later date. Youtube revealed its subscription service at a …

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Gear S2 Experience App Offers a Virtual Try- On

Samsung shows that it cares about its customers by trying to enhance their experience in every way they can. In order to achieve this, Samsung sometimes release apps that are meant to enable users to experience and learn about new devices indirectly before the purchase. Samsung has done this with the …

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Facebook to Warn Users About Government Spying

Nowadays everyone fears being spied by certain governmental agencies. News surfaced about these agencies watching our every step. This is why people feel their privacy is seriously endangered by these activities. Phones are being listened, emails are read and even social media posts are carefully monitored by governments. Facebook created …

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