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Facebook App iOS Battery Drain Issue Addressed

Since the iOS 9 rolled out in September, the majority of Apple mobile device users have upgraded to the new software. The iOS 9 enables users to monitor the battery usage of every app in particular. This way a lot of iOS users got to the conclusion that the Facebook …

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Marshmallow Update Available For Moto G1 via CM 13

Since the Android Marshmallow OS was launched everyone is eagerly waiting for it to pup op on their gadgets.  More recent devices were supposed to be the ones to first get the Marshmallow update. At least that was the case up until now. These days the CyanogenMod 13 was released and …

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Youtube Red- Google’s Subscription Video Service

Youtube finally launched its much awaited Youtube Red subscription video service. here were a lot of rumors circulating about it lately and starting October 28 it will be available in the US.  The Youtube Red will roll out globally at a later date. Youtube revealed its subscription service at a …

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Gear S2 Experience App Offers a Virtual Try- On

Samsung shows that it cares about its customers by trying to enhance their experience in every way they can. In order to achieve this, Samsung sometimes release apps that are meant to enable users to experience and learn about new devices indirectly before the purchase. Samsung has done this with the …

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Blackberry secures Android

Blackberry devices are well known across the world for at least two reasons. The first reason is their incredible physical keyboards and the second reason is their security systems. Regarding security, they were the first to provide secure e-mails and pioneered the concept of apps permission. There’s not much to …

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iOS 9.1 update release around the corner

Apple’s iOS 9 was launched when the company unveiled its new flagship smartphones for the year, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Since the release in September, iOS 9 has been updated to iOS 9.0.2, with an expected iOS 9.1 update. While the new flagship phones aren’t really in …

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Marshmallow – key new features

Android 6.0 Marshmallow has been one of the most anticipated releases of 2015. Not to mention that the OS release coincided with the launch of two amazing Nexus smartphones. Each Android update makes the OS a little better than it was before, bringing improvement and fixes to all sorts of …

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Facebook to Warn Users About Government Spying

Nowadays everyone fears being spied by certain governmental agencies. News surfaced about these agencies watching our every step. This is why people feel their privacy is seriously endangered by these activities. Phones are being listened, emails are read and even social media posts are carefully monitored by governments. Facebook created …

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Amazon to sue over 1000 fake reviewers

Amazon makes its way into the headlines again today, as it has announced that it is in the process of suing over 1000 fake reviewers. According to the lawsuit Amazon filed these fake reviewers are offering to write up fraudulent reviews for $5. The lawsuit is specifically targeting contractors on …

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