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After API changes, Reddit prepares

Reddit had a rough month after changing its data API. In the past month, Reddit’s CEO gave interviews defending the company’s decision, the social network fought with developers and moderators, and many subreddits went dark and protested. Since the API changes and rate limits went into effect on July 1, …

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Adobe indemnity clause eases enterprise concerns about AI-generated art

Adobe knows enterprise users worry about permissions for generative AI artwork. Adobe Firefly, the company’s generative AI art creation tool, generates copyright claims. The company specifically mentions enterprise customers in its clause statement: With Firefly, Adobe will also be offering enterprise customers an IP indemnity, which means that Adobe would …

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Inflection’s foundation AI model competes with Google and OpenAI LLMs

Inflection, a well-funded AI startup aiming to create “personal AI for everyone,” revealed the large language model powering its Pi conversational agent. Competition is good, but it’s hard to objectively and systematically assess these things’ quality. As measured by computing power used to train them, Inflection-1 is roughly GPT-3.5 (AKA …

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