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Acer’s Liquid Jade Primo shown off at CES 2016

liquid jade primo

CES 2016 is the event where all the major tech companies show off their latest products. Although mobile phone manufacturers usually wait for the Mobile World Congress to show off their latest additions to their smartphone lineup, some OEMs still unveil a smartphone or two at the CES also. This is …

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Acer Launched Liquid Z530 and Z630 in India

Acer plans on reentering the Indian smartphone market, and for this purpose they launched two brand new dual SIM smartphones, the Acer Liquid Z530 and the Z630 last week. By taking this step, Acer hopes to consolidate its business on the Indian market and probably try to resurface globally also. …

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iMac vs. Aspire Z3- 700: Which Is The Ultimate AiO?

Both Apple and Acer were busy these days. Apple launched its latest iMac on Tuesday. Acer announced the Aspire Z3- 700 all- in- one on Monday. So, we got two brand new all- in- one devices to analyze. One of them has a 21.5- inch, the other one a 17.3- inch display. Both …

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Aspire R14 – Acer’s refreshed convertible

Acer announced  2 new Windows 10 devices at a event in Taipei, together with Microsoft. The Aspire R14 convertible notebook and the Acer Aspire Z3-700 all-in-one PC. The latest version of the Aspire R14 comes with a few improvements. The dual torgue hinges are thinner, so switching between laptop and …

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Aspire Z3- 700 – Acer’s New Portable AiO

Today, Acer introduced two new devices at a press conference in Taipei. The Aspire R14 convertible and the new all- in- one, dubbed Aspire Z3- 700. Both devices promise to be great but we decided to take a look at the Aspire Z3- 700. With the Aspire Z3-700 Acer might …

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