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Apple Pay at every Starbucks and KFC soon

Apple Pay was introduced last year by Apple as an alternative to paying with your credit card. The system works by adding your credit card information to its Wallet app. Then you can just use your phone at special terminals to pay for items. According to Apple the system uses …

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Samsung Acquires LoopPay?

For $250 million, Samsung has acquired LoopPay. This addition means that the Korean phone company has entered the mobile payment market. So what did LoopPay do? They’re the guys who invented the technology where you could use your phone case to pay at the credit card swipe. Now, Samsung’s master …

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You can now use PayPal for Apple Store purchases

It’s true that Apple and PayPal have worked together in the past, and for services like iTunes, PayPal has been a payment option for a long time. That being said, you couldn’t purchase an actual physical item from Apple’s online store via PayPal. That is, until now. Apple has teamed …

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