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Apple blocks News app in China

Apple has blocked its own News app in China. The Apple News app is not supported in China, and even though it is not unexpected for people in China to be unable to access the News app, the block affects devices that have been registered and bought in the U.S …

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Apple apps infected with malware

Apple announced on Sunday that approximately 40 apps have been removed from from the App Store because they have been infected with XcodeGhost, a software programmed to obtain valuable information from a user and upload it to several control servers. In other words passwords or other sensitive data that a user …

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ZTE Launching Phones in India (Specifically)

Chinese company ZTE is prepping their latest phone line-up to be released in India. The series is called Nubia, with the Z9 being the center of it all. Expect the launch to happen on Tuesday, May 19 (no time has been given yet). What’s even more surprising is that the …

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Samsung is planning to cut back next year

Without a doubt, Samsung has been one of the leading manufacturers in the smartphone market, holding an impressive slice of the mobile device pie, one that so far only Apple has managed to contest successfully. For Q2 2014, Samsung has been reported to hold a 24.9% smartphone market share during …

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