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Asia offers hope amid the crypto winter

At Token2049, it was hard to tell the crypto industry was in “winter” mode. The September crypto conference in Singapore drew an unprecedented 20,000 attendees, who visited hundreds of side events across the city to avoid the expensive main event ticket. While the government’s actions against FTX, Ripple, Binance, and …

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How and why You Should buy Aelf

Ethereum was the first blockchain network to offer a platform for building decentralized applications. Now, more than 5 other decentralized networks are offering the same services. Some are already threatening ethereum with their more advanced capabilities. Aelf, a programmable Operating System is one of them. Developed by a Singapore-based team, …

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5 Ways technology will change the future of gambling

Anyone can agree that technology has profoundly improved people’s life. It has not only transformed our everyday life, it has also transformed most businesses as well. Naturally, the gambling business is no exception. For example, thanks to technologies, the shift from brick-and-mortar gambling venues to online ones like roulettevision.com were …

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The top new Cryptocurrencies out now

New Cryptocurrencies To Watch Out For In 2018

Cryptocurrencies have been being used for online purchases and investing for a few years now and this is a great way to perform transactions securely. A cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is not controlled or regulated by a central bank. The first cryptocurrency to be used was the Bitcoin, …

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