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Drones Can be Flown Commercially Now


Drones have become a part of our lives in the last couple of years. We use them for recreational purposes, the governments of different countries use them for gathering information, and we can even race our drones. They are also used by media in order to capture truly amazing footage …

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The DJI flagship store is quite amazing

DJI is the most popular drone manufacturer, having huge sales. The drone manufacturer company took another step and opened its first flagship store in China, and just like their drones, the store is amazing. The company definitely didn’t go cheap or small since they opted for an 8,600 square foot building …

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DJI Launches Manifold- A Computer Designed For Drones

Manifold Computer for Drones

DJI partnered up with Canonical and launched a new computer. It’s called Manifold and it will be compatible with DJI’s Matrice 100 platform. Manifold is the most powerful computer yet that was specifically designed to work with drones. Thanks to the Manifold, developers will be able to transform aerial platforms …

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Top 5 drone models in 2015

Drones are fun gadgets that work on the same principles as helicopters. As their technology progressed so did their capabilities. Modern drones are equipped with powerful electric motors that can lift other various things besides the drone itsself. The flight time of such a gadget varies from 5 to 20 minutes …

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