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AT&T and DirecTV Merger Coming Soon?

Not too long ago, Netflix was against the merger between AT&T and DirecTV. They feared that the merger of the two companies would damage their online streaming service. However, it has surfaced that the merger may actually be happening.  In a statement published by the  LA Times, AT&T stated that, …

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Netflix against AT&T/DirecTV merger

Netflix is in a pickle. They’re in the middle of a titanic struggle to prevent AT&T and DirecTV from merging. If the merger were to happen, Netflix’s business will take a heavy hit. Netflix defends it’s concerns.  They said to the FCC, “If AT&T is able to slow the development of …

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Comcast merger with Time Warner Cable is over

The prospects for Comcast’s $41 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable are looking increasingly grim. The Federal Communications Commission is apparently against it. The FCC told both Comcast and Time Warner yesterday that they are inclined to impose the merger. They haven’t said anything publicly yet, but the basic feeling …

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