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Galaxy Note 5 S Pen Issue Solved

Galaxy Note 5 S Pen

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is one of the best smartphones on the market right now, but it is not flawless, unfortunately. Many users reported that when they inserted the S Pen into its slot the wrong way, retrieving it without breaking it was almost impossible to do. Of course, …

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G4 Stylus vs Note 5 – a stylus duel

The LG G4 Stylus and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 are two of best phablet devices out there. To make the user’s interaction more pleasant these devices have a secret weapon, a stylus. The Stylus is a pen shaped tool, with a narrow tip that provides great accuracy when using in …

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs. Huawei Mate S

Samsung released its Galaxy Not 5 in August and it was considered to be excellent overall, although a little pricey. The Galaxy Note 5 really had a chance at being the best phablet released this year, given its high- end hardware and eye- catching design. But now it seems that …

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Galaxy Note 6 to feature dual-camera setup

The Galaxy Note 5 isn’t even readily available, yet rumors about the Galaxy Note 6 and its camera have already emerged. According to a report from ETNews from Korea, Samsung is working on a dual-camera setup module that would let users take 3d photos and live photos, as well as …

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Common Galaxy Note 5 Bugs, Issues And Fixes

Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is considered to be a high- quality device, it still has its own flaws. Naturally, there is a fix to every one of the Galaxy Note 5 bugs out there, users just have to find it. Sometimes the solutions to an issue that occurred …

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Galaxy Note 4 battery life still superior to that of Note 5

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 5 this month after months of anticipation from fans and has surprised the smartphone community with yet another innovation in battery technology. The Galaxy Note 5 battery as well as the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus battery are equipped with Samsung’s high-end wireless charging standard that …

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