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Wearable game on point with the NT08 smart watch/smartphone

The wearable is defined by many as both an element of styles as an element of technology. Few companies manage to create devices that are stylish and functional at the same time, and those who do succeed in this endeavor, usually find themselves fading into being forgotten because their prices …

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Zeblaze Crystal: the premium and affordable wearable alternative

The Zeblaze Crystal is the newest item in the Chinese manufacturer’s portfolio and it aims to bring an element of premium and fashion into the world of wearables. Wearables and smart watches are gaining popularity and more and more people find themselves interested in the opportunity of getting a wearable …

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W8 – acronym, smart watch, phone or what?

The W8 is not an acronym, but it’s not a smart watch and it’s not a phone. It’s all of those things bunched together in a neat, and very cheap little gadget that you can wear on your wrist. The W8 is a smart watch that comes with GSM capabilities, …

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Meizu MX5 – new star among Chinese flagships

People were impressed by the Meizu MX4 and Meizu MX4 Pro last year, and the Chinese company took inspiration from the success of that to create this year’s flagship, the Meizu MX5. Meizu is not well known outside of Asia, but is slowly becoming one of the bigger players in …

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The LG118 is a smart watch, and a phone

When there are so many wearables to choose from, it is hard to quickly make a decision and acquire a smart watch that is suitable for our needs. Which is one of the reasons why technophiles and wearable enthusiasts should consider all of their options when searching for a new …

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Zopo Speed 7: Android 5.1, 4G LTE and more for $200

Flagship fatigue is a real phenomena, and people are noticing it more and more. Spending more than $500 on a flagship is no longer appealing to Android fans, seeing as there are thousands of excellent flagship smartphones out there, starting with the OnePlus 2, that cost less than half of …

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