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Redesigned Google Play Starts Rolling Out

Google revealed the new face of Google Play earlier this month. At that time it was only said that it will roll out soon. It seems that “soon” has arrived. The redesigned Google Play started rolling out to Android devices as of yesterday. Some of the Android devices already got …

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Gear S2 Experience App Offers a Virtual Try- On

Samsung shows that it cares about its customers by trying to enhance their experience in every way they can. In order to achieve this, Samsung sometimes release apps that are meant to enable users to experience and learn about new devices indirectly before the purchase. Samsung has done this with the …

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EA launches complex Minions Paradise game for Android

The Minions movie launched this year started a craze over the crazy, yet funny yellow characters in the movie. Once the cinematic creation started being showed in theatres, EA Games quickly announced that it would be making a game based on the movie, but moreso based on the adorable Minions …

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Microsoft Office now runs on Android phones

It has taken a long time, but Microsoft Office is finally available on Android phones. The Office apps have been available for Windows and IOS devices for sometime now, but this is the first time they have been available for Android phones. Office apps have been available on Android tablets …

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Application of the week: Palabre

Palabre, application of the week!

When it announced it would close the Reader service, Google said that one of the main reasons behind decision was that service was no longer popular. It’s true, RSS technology has never been popular for the public, and Facebook and Twitter have further undermined the usefulness, but the Android users …

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Games are more popular than apps thanks to IAPs


According to a recent report published about the revenue applications and games bring in the overall mobile-download industry in the U.S., IAPs aka in-app purchases are the main reason as to why games are a dominant source of revenue for companies. eMarketer published their report yesterday, and their findings aren’t …

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