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New Gmail login screen from Google

Google has recently introduced a new way to autentify as a user for your Gmail account. This new Gmail login screen may not necessarily be on the users liking. This is because the new variant for the authentication menu is very different from before. And we all know users are …

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Microsoft spends money in undersea cables

Do you know where Microsoft has last invested? It seems that they put a lot of money in undersea cables, in order to connect its North American Data Center with Ireland and UK. The subsea cable will be built by TE SubCom. The cable is provided by Hibernia and Aqua …

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Self driving cars analysis report

Self driving cars represent the future of transport. The advantages of self driving seem clear: no drunken drivers, no human errors, no human emotions like aggression in the traffic, impatience, texting while driving or hurry. But for the moment, things are yet far from being as perfect as self driving …

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Facebook Has a Search Engine?

Google, stand your ground, Facebook approaches. It’s been going on for the past couple weeks. Smartphone users noticed a new icon “Add Link.” By clicking on it, a list of links were provided in relation to their post (I personally haven’t found it yet. Apparently, a select group of users …

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Google Classroom: Class on the Go

As Teacher Appreciation Week  comes to a close, it’s time to sit back and celebrate the anniversary of Google Classroom. While teachers kick back and enjoy the laughs, Google has added new features to this successful piece of software. One feature allows teachers to create and edit assignments on any mobile device. …

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Adware infection became viral for Google users

Adware can easily infect any pc nowadays. Superfish, for example, the adware that was pre-loaded on Lenovo pc’s, is a good example in this respect but it is not singular. Google and a few universities from California, Santa Barbara and Berkley made a research about how this somehow considered malware …

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Project Ara will include Sennheiser audio modules


Google‘s Project Ara is moving ahead as planned as more and more hardware manufacturing companies announce support for the modular smartphone that users will be able to put together themselves. If your not familiar with Project Ara or Phoneblocks, you should know that Google is trying to create a modular …

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Android for Work focuses on security and practicality


Android for Work is the freshly launched, revamped platform from Google which promises to make enterprises and companies as connected as possible. The main drive behind Android for Work is easy separation between work life and real life on an Android smartphone, without having an employee carry around two different …

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Google Live Chat now in search results


Google is allegedly testing a new Live Chat feature for businesses that will use Google Hangouts to allow customers to chat directly with companies, without having to go their website and search for the live chat function, activate the web app and go from there. The new feature is currently …

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Blogger sites containing nudity will be made private soon


Google has warned Blogger customers today that if their pages contain adult content, they should quickly take action themselves or Google will do so itself. According to Google, the Blogger platform is host to many pages containing porn and other adult content which is visible in search engine results if …

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