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Anonymous promises to wipe ISIS off the Internet


After the horrific events of November 13 in Paris, the globally known hacker group, Anonymous, declared war on ISIS through a video posted on Youtube. According to a spokesman, wearing the now popular Guy Fawkes mask that is characteristic for the group, warned ISIS members that they were coming for …

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T-Mobile – victim of a major hack

T-Mobile was the victim of a major hack through Experian. The latter is the company that processes T-Mobile credit applications. The hacker acquired personal data regarding approximately 15 million people. Some of these are T-Mobile clients. Others were people who applied at some point for a T- Mobile account. The …

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Hackers threat the firmware upgrade

It is very simple to protect your desktop computer or mobile device against security breaches like hackers or all the other types of malware. You just install an antivirus and a firewall and the problem is solved. Of course, you can add extra protection like anti spam, anti phishing, parental …

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