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Meta’s strategy for ensuring election security is being scrutinized by the European Union as they investigates Facebook and Instagram

The European Union has declared its suspicion that Meta’s social networking platforms, Facebook and Instagram, have violated the regulations of the bloc pertaining to larger platforms with regards to election integrity.The Commission has initiated formal infringement proceedings to examine Meta’s compliance with the Digital Services Act (DSA), which is a …

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Instagram has introduced its marketplace to facilitate connections between marketers and artists in 8 more countries

Instagram announced today the expansion of its marketplace platform to facilitate connections between companies and artists for paid collaborations or advertisements in eight more countries. This marketplace will expand to encompass Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Japan, India, and Brazil. The business initiated trials of this technology in …

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In December, Instagram Threads experienced a significant surge in downloads, propelling it to the top 10 charts. Meanwhile, X dropped to the 36th position

Instagram Threads has managed to regain momentum after experiencing a period of stagnation last year, causing some to question its viability. However, recent developments have put those concerns to rest. Recent data reveals a different story altogether. Threads is defying expectations and experiencing remarkable growth. In December alone, its downloads …

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Instagram now allows status updates with short videos

Instagram announced Wednesday that users can post video notes. Instagram’s status feature, Notes, launched a year ago. You could only post text or emojis to your status update before. A two-second looping video note can now be shared with mutual followers or close friends for 24 hours. Since Instagram already …

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Instagram finstas could become a new product called ‘flipside,’ for close friends

Instagram is considering a new feature called “flipside” that lets users create a private side of their profile to post more candid and personal photos for a select group of friends. The feature productizes “finstas”—alternative Instagram accounts where people post their real-life photos instead of their polished public Instagrams. The …

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