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iOS And OS X Won’t Merge, Tim Cook Says

A lot of people thought in the last few weeks that it would be natural for iOS and OS X to merge. The main cause for which this merger would have seemed normal is that iOS and OS X devices are becoming a lot more similar to each other. Tablets …

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iFixit removed from iTunes after Apple TV teardown

iFixit is a favorite when it comes to teardowns and iOS users had a profound appreciation for all that the iFixit community has been doing for them over the years. Even though the iOS iFixit app was outdated and a bit cumbersome to use, iOS users appreciated the opportunity of …

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VR headset for free with Doogee Y100X mid-ranger

Virtual reality is the new trend right now, as Google Cardboard, the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus are nearing their own commercial releases. Cardboard is already widely available and it’s the cheapest VR option out there, but if you want something more sophisticated and modern, we’ve spotted a …

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Are You Ready? Apple Music and iOS 8.4 Launching Side-By-Side

Keep your iPhones nearby and your iPads charged because Apple will be releasing iOS 8.4 tomorrow. While it’s expected to sort out a couple of bugs, it has been confirmed that Apple Music will be included. The talked-about streaming service will be free for the first three months before reverting to $9.99 a …

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iOS 9 Code Hinting Future iPhone?

Did Apple intentionally leave a bread crumb trail towards their next iPhone through their newest iOS? In the coding of iOS 9, new features were discovered regarding the future of cameras on Apple’s future mobile devices. While Apple has yet to confirm this, people are excited for some of these …

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Apple announces iOS 9 Beta for July

iOS 9

There have been quite a few interesting reveals at WWDC 2015, and Apple has brought quite a few interesting updates to the stage. There are not that many official details about the upcoming Apple smartphones, such as the iPhone 6S or the iPhone 7, but we’ve still gotten interesting information …

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Apple iOS 9 Leaked?

Apparently, Apple‘s  iOS 9 has been “leaked.” By “leaked,” a couple of features have been listed off. It’s enough to grab your attention, but doesn’t capture the full spectrum of what the iOS 9 is capable of. The website Forbes mentioned several of the confirmed features. They includes the Force …

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iOS 8.3/8.4 Jail-broken?

Apple can’t stop the Apple community from jail-breaking it’s software. With iOS 9, Apple hopes to end jail-breaking once and for all. But currently for the iOS 8.3 and 8.4, people are having trouble tapping into the software. Concerning the iOS 8.3, the website Master Herald has pointed out that no one has …

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Pebble Time Halted by Apple?

There was a post on Reddit that discussed the legalities of Apple preventing Pebble’s smartwatch from functioning. Some think that what Apple is doing is illegal and point out that they’re able to get away with certain things, while companies like Microsoft aren’t able to. Now, the Pebble smartwatch was the …

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Did Microsoft conquer the mobile operating systems market?

Microsoft dominates the mobile operating systems market

Microsoft is fighting hard to become the most important player from the IT market, from all points of view. First they made open-source .NET, the free Visual Studio and they announced that anybody could compile the code for Android (Java) or iOS (Objective-C) directly for Windows 10. In other words, …

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