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Nvidia hires Chinese experts for autonomous driving

In the development of autonomous vehicle technologies, Nvidia has provided graphic processing units that can perform millions of calculations. A semiconductor giant is seeking Chinese talent to boost its AV game. In a Tuesday WeChat post, the company announced the hiring of two dozen autonomous driving team members in Beijing, …

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Reliance and Nvidia build large language model

Reliance Industries’ Jio Platforms and GPU giant Nvidia announced Friday that they are building a large language model trained on India’s diverse languages. The largest Indian corporate firm is expanding into the fast-growing but locally uncontested space. The companies will also build an AI infrastructure “over an order of magnitude …

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In Q2, Nvidia proved to be the biggest winner in the generative AI boom

Nvidia’s second-quarter earnings, released Wednesday after markets closed, show that selling generative AI boom picks and shovels can be lucrative. A new computing era has begun. Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang said companies worldwide are moving from general-purpose to accelerated computing and generative AI. Huang is right. Nvidia dominates …

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NVIDIA Cuts Their Losses With Icera

Yesterday, NVIDIA announced that they will no longer be using Icera as apart of their operations in the second quarter of fiscal 2016. This was due in part to NVIDIA not performing well against Qualcomm, MediaTek and Intel in the mobile-device market. So where did NVIDIA go wrong? Flashback to 2011, …

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