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PlayStation 4 Gets Slimmer Than Ever

playstation 4

Everyone knows that the toughest competition in the game console market goes down between Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation. Every time one of the companies releases something new, the other one is definitely close behind with something just as impressive, or even more amazing. This time around, Microsoft was …

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Sony’s PlayStation 4 Now Only $350

In case you wanted to purchase a PlayStation 4 but you found it was too expensive, now you can get it. The Sony PlayStation 4 is available in US stores starting Friday for a lower price. Sony has dropped the price by $50, and the PlayStation 4 which used to cost …

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Sony’s Verizon-Only Xperia Z4v Appeals to Gamers

While Microsoft enjoys the benefits of it’s backwards compatibility, Sony’s latest smartphone allows gamers to take their fun on the road. Named the Xperia Z4v, this phone will be coming exclusively to Verizon. Although a release date hasn’t been established for the Z4v, it’s rumored to be arriving sometime this …

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