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The First Self-Driving Taxis Have Hit The Road in Singapore

self-driving taxis

People are trying to automatize everything nowadays, and it has now come to creating self-driving cars. Even though this isn’t really a brand new concept, using them as taxis is quite a novelty, and it is now a reality in Singapore. This week, the first self-driving taxis have hit the …

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Toyota to invest $1 billion in AI research


Carmakers seem to realize that in order to make their customers happy they need to be ahead of their times. They invest more and more in technology to make their cars easier to use and safer. It is now the turn of Toyota to take a big step in the …

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Self driving cars analysis report

Self driving cars represent the future of transport. The advantages of self driving seem clear: no drunken drivers, no human errors, no human emotions like aggression in the traffic, impatience, texting while driving or hurry. But for the moment, things are yet far from being as perfect as self driving …

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