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No. 1 S3 smart watch available for only $59

The wearable market is not even close to being saturated, but we can’t help but notice the rapidly growing number of available wearable devices. One neat find that we’ve come across is the No. 1 S3 smart watch, which you can buy on GearBest for only $58.99 if you use …

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Get a smart watch for less than $30 in flash sale

Wearables are on the rise and people seem to be more and more interested in them. However, prices for a smart watch from mainstream companies can go as high as $500 a piece, which is outrageously expensive for an early adopter or first-timer, or someone who loves gadgets but doesn’t …

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Save by joining the Oukitel Festival

Everyone who wants to stay up to date with the latest technology has to think about the investment they’re making, and sometimes paying more than $700 for a smartphone that you will most likely want to upgrade in less than a year is not very appealing. Which is saving is …

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No. 1 S3 – the round smart watch with a SIM card slot

Recently, wearable devices with multiple functionalities built-in have become widespread, especially among Chinese tech manufacturers. The No. 1 S3 smart watch is a great example of how style and practicality can be balanced out to result in a stylish wearable that doesn’t just feed you notifications, but does much more …

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W8 – acronym, smart watch, phone or what?

The W8 is not an acronym, but it’s not a smart watch and it’s not a phone. It’s all of those things bunched together in a neat, and very cheap little gadget that you can wear on your wrist. The W8 is a smart watch that comes with GSM capabilities, …

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The LG118 is a smart watch, and a phone

When there are so many wearables to choose from, it is hard to quickly make a decision and acquire a smart watch that is suitable for our needs. Which is one of the reasons why technophiles and wearable enthusiasts should consider all of their options when searching for a new …

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Pebble Time is the new color Pebble smart watch


Pebble Time is the new name for the brand new smart watch from the Silicon Valley startup and it has been officially unveiled today. It’s not anything like modern Android Wear watches, that’s for sure, but it’s something that might interest those who like Gameboys and other retro things. The …

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Motorola is planning something exciting for us


Motorola is prepping for something exciting, as the company has announced that it would be sending out mystery boxes on February 25th to members of the press. 9to5Google got hold of the announcement which contains a short quote from Motorola saying that members of the press should be prepared on …

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