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Acer’s Liquid Jade Primo shown off at CES 2016

liquid jade primo

CES 2016 is the event where all the major tech companies show off their latest products. Although mobile phone manufacturers usually wait for the Mobile World Congress to show off their latest additions to their smartphone lineup, some OEMs still unveil a smartphone or two at the CES also. This is …

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A lot of smartphones, few real best options

If you are a pretentious person and you want to buy the best smartphone, you have to choose between these 2 great smartphones brand names: Apple and Samsung. And this is not necessarily a good thing. The last reviews from the web about the Samsung Galaxy S6 reconfirm that this …

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Lenovo Shipping Record Number of Phones

Lenovo has kept itself busy. Though they have Motorola Mobility under their belt, they saw 37 percent drop in their net profit. And out of the bad comes some good news. Website Tech Spot reports that the Chinese company has shipped 18.7 million smartphones which was 16 million units up from …

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Micro SD Slots Disappearing?

Is the market for micro SD disappearing? With the smartphone market relying more on internal storage, there is no need for the micro SD. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they disappeared. At this point in technology, the micro SD is technically outdated. There is really no use for a …

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NVIDIA Cuts Their Losses With Icera

Yesterday, NVIDIA announced that they will no longer be using Icera as apart of their operations in the second quarter of fiscal 2016. This was due in part to NVIDIA not performing well against Qualcomm, MediaTek and Intel in the mobile-device market. So where did NVIDIA go wrong? Flashback to 2011, …

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