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Microsoft To End Windows 8 Support This Week

Windows 8

Windows 8 is far from being the most popular OS developed by Microsoft but plenty of users are still running it on their computers. From tomorrow, however, those who haven’t made the jump to Windows 10 will have to at least upgrade to Window 8.1 if they want to continue …

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Windows 10 is not free for pirates

In the last time, there were all kinds of comments regarding the gratuity of Windows 10 for different categories of users. Some of these comments were launched by Microsoft insiders, it happened the same as it did when there were rumors about the free upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows …

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Skype universal translator for voice calls

The new Skype universal translator for voice is ready for the audience. In the last 6 months it was perfected in a Beta environment by a small group and now all Skype users can try it. What it is really interesting is the fact that a modified Skype version for …

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Windows Control Panel – useful features

Windows Control Panel is the core of anybody’s PC system. From here you could add/remove software and hardware, change the security settings for your operating system, manage user’s accounts or just change the way windows looks like. It seems all very techie and scary for non technical users, but it is …

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