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Don’t forget about the Xiaomi Mi4, on a discount

Xiaomi Mi4i offer

Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi Mi4i as the affordable version of the Xiaomi Mi4, but the phone quickly became even more popular than the flagship it was based on. Thanks to its affordability and very good hardware, the Xiaomi Mi4i is the new crowd-favorite in the budget-friendly price category. But thanks …

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Xiaomi’s Mi 4i is Available Globally

Back in April, Xiaomi released the Mi4i in India. Meant to be strictly exclusive for the country, the phone has been flying off the shelves. Now, a third-party Hong Kong phone vendor has them in stock, allowing them to be sold globally. The name of the vendor is Uniqbe. They do …

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Xiaomi Mi 5: A Rising Competitor

Xiaomi has kept itself busy in trying to compete with Apple and Samsung. The Chinese phone company has been expanding it’s business across the globe, even marketing in India. Recently, it was leaked by the Chinese website Mobile-dad, that Xiaomi’s newest phone, the Mi 5, will be coming out in …

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China Slows Smartphone Sales for Apple

Apple has taken a hit to its smartphone sales in China. Once their second largest buyer, Apple now has to worry about their declining smartphone sales in the gigantic country. It seemed that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus gave them an edge over the domestic company Xiaomi. Apparently, that is …

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Micro SD Slots Disappearing?

Is the market for micro SD disappearing? With the smartphone market relying more on internal storage, there is no need for the micro SD. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they disappeared. At this point in technology, the micro SD is technically outdated. There is really no use for a …

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Samsung is planning to cut back next year

Without a doubt, Samsung has been one of the leading manufacturers in the smartphone market, holding an impressive slice of the mobile device pie, one that so far only Apple has managed to contest successfully. For Q2 2014, Samsung has been reported to hold a 24.9% smartphone market share during …

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