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Steem, A New Bitcoin Alternative, Soars

For the most part, Bitcoin remains the dominant force in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has slowly but surely gained more influence in society, and has performed very well in 2016 despite mixed projections heading into the year. It’s had its setbacks, sure — like not being accepted in the Windows app store …

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Tesla 3

Tesla Motors’ Tesla 3 Pre-Orders Are Over $10BN

A few days ago, Tesla Motors officially unveiled its next car, the Tesla 3, the first car from the company to be considered as affordable. EVen though the Tesla 3 is going to be released next year at the earliest, the car can already be considered quite successful, as it’s …

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NutriRay3D Delivers Real Time Nutritional Data

People are becoming more and more aware that they should carefully monitor their eating habits and diet in order to live a healthy and long life. We have a number of gadgets that monitor different aspects of our eating habits, but none so impressive as the NutriRay3D which tracks your diet …

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