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SpaceX Plans on Landing a Rocket on a Barge

SpaceX surprised the world last month by managing to land a rocket, the Falcon 9, in such a manner that the rocket could be relaunched without a problem. Elon Musk’s company didn’t manage to do this at the first attempt, but it still is quite impressive that the Falcon 9 …

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LG flexible display

LG developed a flexible 18-inch display

Technology will never cease to amaze us, and tech companies come with something new every day. Although foldable displays are not necessarily a novelty, the 18-inch which you can roll up like a newspaper display developed by LG is still quite impressive. LG has been working for a while on bendable, …

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lg tv 8k

LG Prepares 8K TVs This Year

4K resolution awed the public last year, but it seems that LG won’t stop there. The electronics company prepared an amazing lineup of TVs for 2016, and the most dazzling piece of this lineup is their 8K resolution device, known as model UH9800. We still don’t know a lot about …

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Falcon 9 is back in the hangar

SpaceX’s founder, Elon Musk posted one more picture with the Falcon 9, which is now resting in a hangar, waiting to be launched again. That is if it won’t find its place in a museum, and to be honest, it is a rocket that should be preserved for the next generations. …

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