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PuzzlePhone- Modular Phone on Indiegogo

Modular gadgets seem to become more and more present on gadget market nowadays. The latest modular gadget to arrive is the PuzzlePhone. The Finnish PuzzlePhone project is similar to Project Ara, but might become reality sooner than the Project Ara modular phone. The PuzzlePhone is simpler than Project Ara’s modular …

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EMP weapon developed by Boeing

EMP stands for Electromagnetic Pulse. We’ve heard this term before used in sci-fi action movies or in several action games. Most people associate the name “Boeing” with jumbo-jets and passenger transport.  The company has a less known department called Boeing Phantom Works. This department develops military technology for the Department …

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Google Store Location

Google Gives Up Plans Of Opening Store in NYC

Last year Google bought a building in New York’s SoHo clearly planning on opening a store there. Now it seems that they canceled their plans and will try to lease the premises. According to sources Google spent around $6 million on renovating the building they purchased last year. They will probably try …

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Alphabet’s Project Loon Balloons to be Tested in Indonesia

Alphabet’s Project Loon was launched in order to deliver Internet connection to those who don’t yet have Internet access. Although we are used to having permanent Internet connection, unfortunately this isn’t the case for about two- thirds of the world’s population according to Google. But this might change thanks to …

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Sony to Acquire Toshiba’s Image Sensor Business

There was a lot of chatter lately concerning Sony and Toshiba. It was thought that Sony plans to grow even bigger by taking on Toshiba’s sensor business. This of course would mean that Sony ‘s presence on the smartphone camera components market will further be consolidated. Sony is already the …

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Podcasters get a lucky break in Play Music

Google Play Music is becoming a richer audio application as of today as Google announced that it would be adding a new Podcast category to the library. According to the blog post the company’s Android team published today, podcasters and their shows will be able to access a much larger crowd …

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Microsoft Flagship Store Open in NYC

Microsoft opened the door of its most recent store in New York City on October 26. This day was also the launch day of its latest Windows 10 devices that were revealed at the beginning of this month. The tech giant officially launched the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4 beside …

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