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According to reports, Apple is creating an advertising network to support its Major League Soccer contract

With a further push towards advertising, the firm might begin running adverts during soccer matches and other programming.
According to a Bloomberg story, Apple is creating an advertising network as part of its agreement to start streaming Major League Soccer (MLS) matches the next year. According to sources with knowledge of the issue, Apple is in discussions with marketers and MLS sponsors to run commercials during soccer matches and “associated shows.”

Apple and the Major League Soccer (MLS) agreed to a 10-year deal in June, and in February 2023, the Apple TV app will begin to stream soccer matches. The firm says it would make a “wide selection” of MLS and Leagues Cup matches available to Apple TV Plus members, with a “limited number” available for free, even though it wants to launch a separate, Sunday Ticket-like subscription service dedicated to streaming every MLS game.

Although the solo subscription’s price is yet unknown, Apple intends to include advertisements for all MLS watchers, including season pass holders, Apple TV Plus users, and those who watch for free, according to Bloomberg. This is a continuation of Apple’s drive into advertising and builds on the commercials that the company already inserts into its Friday Night Baseball broadcasts.
According to a Bloomberg story from August, Apple’s advertising division generates roughly $4 billion in income yearly and the corporation hopes to increase this figure to double digits. The business is apparently contemplating various solutions, including putting advertisements in apps like Books, Podcasts, and Maps that are available for the iPhone.


It already added more advertisements to the App Store, which can now be found in the “You Might Also Like” sections below app listings and the Today tab. Developers objected to the decision as soon as they discovered gambling software advertisements on the product pages of the App Store. Apple has now stopped running advertisements for “a few additional categories” and for gambling in the App Store, but hasn’t yet announced a strategy to deal with this problem.

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