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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Having Issues With Wireless Charging

Back in April, Samsung released the Galaxy S6 Edge along with the Galaxy S6 in an effort to broaden their smartphone variety. However, there’s been an issue brewing with the Galaxy S6 Edge since it’s release. This issue revolves around it’s wireless charging capabilities, where it seems to work for some and cause distress for others.

While there are several forums reporting this, the one that caught TGC’s interest was AndroidCentral, where almaxkiller posted his situation on April 13. “When I put the S6 Edge on the charging pad (new one that came with the phone at Best Buy) it either works without issue 25% of the time, or the phone will say wireless charging paused after about 30 seconds and then the charging pad will flash 75% of the time.”

He emphasized that he was, “being sure to place the phone centered on the pad and on its back. Sometimes it will happen so many times in a row that I try unplugging the pad and restarting the phone and then it works, but I do not want to have to do this every time.”

And from that, sparked a discussion in which other users were having the same persisting problem.

On July 8, Bassbiker proved that the issue hadn’t been resolved. “When I first put the phone on it charged up right away going from 62% to 89% fairly quickly,” the user said, “I took the phone off and then put it back on about 20 minutes later and this time I started getting the blinking amber light. Tried using some 1mm thick neoprene and some TPU as a buffer and no luck. Looks like this piece of garbage is going back to Best Buy. Definitely not worth the aggravation.”

But all over the forum, people were offering minor solutions to the problem. Some suggested using the 2.1 Amps charger, others said folding a small tissue between the phone and the charging pad, and there was even mention of changing the settings on the S6 Edge.

It doesn’t look like Samsung has addressed the issue, so any official fix from the company doesn’t seem to be coming soon. Have any S6 Edge owners had this issue? Are the suggested fixes working? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. I have had this issue with the S6 Edge. Frankly, I have given up on it for now, and just use the quick charging charger. That works great and fast. Otherwise, the phone is great.

  2. I actually bought the Sony Portable Wireless charger 5000 mAh, I can charge it and take it with me to wirelessly charge my S6 Edge. Works perfectly with no issues. Same price or cheaper than the Samsung wireless charger you have to keep plugged in.

  3. I just bought two of the Samsung chargers form Amazon. I thought it was working fine (with my Edge), but now I’m getting the “wireless charging paused” after a few seconds. Grrr.

  4. Happening on the Note 5 with the Samsung charger too. Took the charger back to Best Buy but all Samsung wireless chargers were out of stock because everyone was exchanging them as defective. I’m thinking it might not be a issue with the wireless chargers at all. Maybe a design flaw with the wireless charging on all flavors of S6 and Note 5?

  5. Same issue with Note 5. I did switch the cable to the fast charge that came with phone and just turned on dream mode for docking and it appears to be working. I believe it must be a sleep issue and turning on dream mode even though I only have it set for docking, fixed my issue.

    • This was exaxtrly ehat was happening ro me. This suggestion worked for me. I turned daydream mode on during dock and charging and been working fine since. I set it to show pictures so the screen stayed active. Seems to be an issue when the phone goes to sleep.

    • I did the above and it fixed my problem. Thank you for posting !

    • Damien Micallef

      I found the issue!!!
      I was thinking that the new systems dont work entirely of a magnet.
      I turned on NFC and it worked straight away. My phone now goes to sleep and charging continues as normal and in ultra fast mode.

      When i turned.of NFC it stopped working and was playing up again.

      NFC is the ISSUE.
      Let me know how you guys go with this !

    • did not work for very wish to surprise my wife with the beauty of wireless charing even boost its capabilities but after a week this blinking happens up to now no fix tried a short cable does not work tried also dream day and this nfc thing doesn’t too now what is left is shame unless there is a fix. Hopefully.

    • Thanks – switching to a more substantial cable worked for me

      • A thicker cable was the problem all along triwe all the other fixes but nothing so A THICKER CHARGING CABLE was the answer

        for me

  6. Sony charger works with S6 Edge +, Samsung charger does not work. Period, carriage return.

  7. Im having this issues with the S6 Edge Plus. I’ll place the phone centered on the official Samsung wireless charger, the phone will charge for approximately 10 minutes, and then the blue light on the charger starts flashing (charging has stopped). I’ve tried with a thin case on, no case, nothing works. I haven’t tried putting it in the daydream mode, and I shouldn’t have to.

  8. 2 brand new S6E+ with Samsung OEM wireless charger… gold phone appears to work ok… blue phone says “wireless charging” for about 10 seconds then says “wireless charging paused” and the wireless charger blinks blue. The charger does not reset or retry to charge until the phone is removed and replaced… so the blue phone just runs dead while on the charger… the gold one charges to 100% at first… then the charger stops charging and of course the gold phone runs dead while on the charger too.

    Not impressed.

    • Update: Neither phone works… both are flaky at best. Lucky if I get more than a few percent charged before it fails into blinks land… Pretty disappointed in Samsung for releasing a system that wasn’t ready.

      Tried moving the charger into different rooms etc. No help.

      Wireless charger is going back.

  9. same issues as everyone else place the phone on the charger and it charges for a minute or so then pauses and won’t resume galaxy s6 edge plus and Samsung charger

  10. I’m having the same issue as everyone else. It works fine until I get a notification and then it pauses and flashes blue. The only way I can restart charging is if I clear the notifications and put it back on the charger. Works fine if the phone is powered off and placed on the charger.

  11. I am having the same problem with a new Note 5 and Samsung wireless charger base. Because…. (1) It only happens *sometimes*… but when it happens, it happens consistently. (2) People report that sometimes notifications cause it to happen, and clearing those notifications fixes it. (3) Powering the phone off fixes it. (4) A Sony model wireless charger reportedly works fine. ….. I CONCLUDE that the problem is causes by SOFTWARE. It has to be something software related… and something in the communication between the phone and the charger base. Some bug in the sleep mode, or notification interruption, or sleep screen, or apps that force the phone to not sleep, or something like that. It has to be… THE GOOD NEWS is that this should be relatively easy for Samsung to research and fix it… without changing any hardware.

  12. Same charging paused issue with my edge plus – tried sleep mode ( colors ) — tried regular charging pad / fast charge pad — turned on fast charge setting on phone – tried different wall charger units with pads — nothing changed ( same charging paused issue ) I believe it to be a software issue with samsung

  13. I’m having issues when removing my Samsung Edge from the wireless dock. It turned on/off for a whole hour! My partner’s Samsung 6 has been lagging where the screen switches without touching it. Don’t wireless charge your phones it wrecks them.

  14. My wireless charger charges to 100% and then stops charging, for the remainder of the night my battery discharges. I tried turning on daydream during charge and dock and still the problem persists. I tried switching cords from the one that came with the wireless charger to the Samsung fast charge cord that came with my S6 Edge Plus and the problem remains.

    • This is what’s happening to me! It used to charge to 100%, then the charging pad would change from blue to green to indicate it was done. Now once it gets to 100%, it starts flashing blue and the battery starts draining again. Nothing I’ve done seems to resolve the issue.

  15. I found that the Samsung S6 stops charging whenever a notification is displayed on the phone e.g. an email notification. Turning off lock screen notifications seems to have resolved this issue for me.

  16. Jose Claudio Dos Santos

    I have the same problem…

  17. I returned the S6 2 months ago as all solutions I found did not work. Seeing the same problem on my new S7 except no flashing error light on the Samsung charging pad, and happening less frequently (stopped charging 2 of 7 nights). Did not see the NFC thing last time, trying that tonight.

  18. I got same problem. Suddenly after about a month after I used samsung wireless fast charging, it always paused and the blue light blinks. I tried to reset the power of the wireless charger, I tried to restart my galaxy note 5, done also the nfc making it on, done daydream making on, I tried to change the usb cable connected to the wireless charger still the same. Very prostrating for an expensive galaxy note 5 and very expensive wireless charger for this kind of problems. Anyway I hope Samsung would be kind and quick enough to address these problems and hopefully they will strive to keep there market surely this will be a blow to them. still awaiting solutions.

  19. Obviously Samsung has not addressed this issue. Having the same problem with brand new Galaxy S7 Edge.

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