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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Having Issues With Wireless Charging

Back in April, Samsung released the Galaxy S6 Edge along with the Galaxy S6 in an effort to broaden their smartphone variety. However, there’s been an issue brewing with the Galaxy S6 Edge since it’s release. This issue revolves around it’s wireless charging capabilities, where it seems to work for some and cause distress for others.

While there are several forums reporting this, the one that caught TGC’s interest was AndroidCentral, where almaxkiller posted his situation on April 13. “When I put the S6 Edge on the charging pad (new one that came with the phone at Best Buy) it either works without issue 25% of the time, or the phone will say wireless charging paused after about 30 seconds and then the charging pad will flash 75% of the time.”

He emphasized that he was, “being sure to place the phone centered on the pad and on its back. Sometimes it will happen so many times in a row that I try unplugging the pad and restarting the phone and then it works, but I do not want to have to do this every time.”

And from that, sparked a discussion in which other users were having the same persisting problem.

On July 8, Bassbiker proved that the issue hadn’t been resolved. “When I first put the phone on it charged up right away going from 62% to 89% fairly quickly,” the user said, “I took the phone off and then put it back on about 20 minutes later and this time I started getting the blinking amber light. Tried using some 1mm thick neoprene and some TPU as a buffer and no luck. Looks like this piece of garbage is going back to Best Buy. Definitely not worth the aggravation.”

But all over the forum, people were offering minor solutions to the problem. Some suggested using the 2.1 Amps charger, others said folding a small tissue between the phone and the charging pad, and there was even mention of changing the settings on the S6 Edge.

It doesn’t look like Samsung has addressed the issue, so any official fix from the company doesn’t seem to be coming soon. Have any S6 Edge owners had this issue? Are the suggested fixes working? Let me know in the comments below.

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