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How and when to watch Samsung’s Galaxy S24 launch

I don’t know whether there was ever a genuine break between CES and MWC, or if we tell ourselves this to cope with a hardware season that now lasts 11.5 months. Big corporations seem to have stopped reserving big announcements for big occasions.

Samsung used to launch products at CES (TVs, monitors, and appliances) and Mobile World Congress (phones, tablets, and maybe wearables)

. However, some years ago, the firm relocated their major mobile flagship announcement to a separate event, while it was still tightly related to MWC.

However, this year’s inaugural Samsung Unpacked comes to the West Coast less than a week after CES. Some things are more predictable than the company’s event calendar, including the products unveiled. Samsung will launch the Galaxy S24 tomorrow at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET. This much we know almost sure.

Since this is Samsung, we assume we know a lot about the smartphone thanks to its regular releases. As usual, the Ultra will be the line’s expensive highlight. Some of what we believe we know:

  • New flatter display
  • Another four-camera array, though the 10x telephoto has been halved
  • A titanium frame à la the iPhone 15

Artificial intelligence will undoubtedly be the main focus tomorrow. The business anticipates integrating a sort of third-party generative artificial intelligence directly into the gadget. By the conclusion of 2024, I expect that almost all prominent Android smartphones will include some variation of this feature. However, credit goes to Samsung for being ahead of the trend in this regard.

Google has introduced a new tool called “Circle to Search” in order to enhance the accessibility of their search engine.

Samsung is expected to release the basic S24 and S24+ models as well. There is a possibility of adding other hardware as well.


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