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Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is seeking to strengthen partnerships with major technology companies in Asia to enhance their focus on developing AI chips

During his tour of Asian countries, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed to South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol his intention to enhance collaboration with Samsung Electronics for AI chips as a strategy to mitigate geopolitical risks associated with Taiwan, where TSMC, the world’s largest contract chip manufacturer, is located.According to …

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Toyota is incentivizing customers to purchase the Mirai in order to support the success of hydrogen fuel technology

Anyone interested in receiving a complimentary vehicle?Act quickly to receive a $40,000 discount on the 2023 Toyota Mirai, originally priced at $52,000. Considering the $15,000 worth of complimentary hydrogen over a six-year period and the option of a 0% interest loan, Toyota is effectively offering a $3,000 incentive for individuals …

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Transparent Cells Could Transform Windows Into Solar Energy Harvesters

South Korean researchers recently made progress in the field of semi-transparent perovskite solar cells, which could eventually allow windows to produce energy. The semi-transparent perovskite solar cells recently reached an efficiency exceeding 21 percent, setting a new record for this technology, according to the researchers. Moreover, more than 99% of …

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Superhuman launches AI-powered instant replies

Startup Superhuman is introducing an AI-powered instant reply feature today as part of its focus on expanding AI-driven capabilities this year. Three contextual replies are provided for quick email responses.Superhuman was designed to help users achieve inbox zero efficiently. Instant responses are an additional feature to efficiently manage incoming emails. …

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Shadowfax has secured a $100 million funding round to support its efforts to expand rapid delivery services

Shadowfax, a prominent logistics service provider for hyper-local and on-demand delivery businesses in India, recently secured $100 million in a new funding round amid a 35% annual growth rate.According to a Tuesday startup announcement, TPG NewQuest served as the lead investor in Shadowfax’s Series E financing round, which included secondary …

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The federal authorities successfully hacked LockBit, but LockBit quickly recovered. What is the next step?

A new leak site on the dark web with additional victims has surfaced for the Russia-based LockBit ransomware organization. The surviving LockBit administrator wrote a lengthy and borderline-rambling statement on Saturday, admitting that their incompetence was responsible for last week’s interruption. By taking advantage of a flaw in LockBit’s public …

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