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EU launches investigations into Apple, Meta, and Google for alleged non-compliance with DMA regulations

The European Commission has raised concerns about the companies’ potential non-compliance with its significant antitrust rules. The investigations are expected to continue for a duration of 12 months.According to the regulator’s announcement today, the European Commission has opened five non-compliance investigations into Apple, Google, and Meta’s adherence to its new …

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Apple is purportedly investigating a potential collaboration with Google to provide Gemini-powered functionality for iPhones

According to Bloomberg, Apple is seeking a partnership with Google to use the Gemini AI model to enhance functionality on the iPhone. This strategic move will put Google in a dominant position, given its existing agreement with Apple to serve as the primary search engine provider for the Safari browser …

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Google Chrome will soon allow users to install any website as a desktop web application

A recent Chrome Canary version adds a new feature that enables users to install web pages as applications using a button in the settings menu, which user Leopeva64 discovered and reported to Android Police. To preview the functionality before its official release, download Canary and activate the specified flags.Access chrome://flags/#web-app-universal-installAccess …

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Google reinstates Indian companies’ applications on Play Store following regulatory action

Update: Google announced the restoration of all Indian firms’ apps following a meeting between the Silicon Valley company, protesting firms, and India’s IT Minister, Ashwini Vaishnaw.“Temporarily reinstating the apps of developers with appeals pending in the Supreme Court as a gesture of cooperation.” Google has the authority to uphold and …

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With the departure of Fitbit’s creators, Google has laid off hundreds of workers from its voice assistance and hardware departments

In the late hours of Wednesday, Google let go of hundreds of workers across a variety of departments, including engineering and services. As part of their reorganization, the knowledge and information product team—which includes voice-activated Google Assistant—and the Devices and Services PA (DSPA) team—which oversees Fitbit, Pixel, and Nest hardware—are …

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