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The judge presiding over the Epic v. Apple case has expressed concerns about Apple’s questionable practices regarding buttons and links

The ongoing court battle between Epic Games and Apple is currently in the midst of evidentiary hearings, which are expected to last for several weeks. The purpose of these hearings is to ascertain whether Apple has in fact broken the anti-steering injunction that Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers established following their …

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EU launches investigations into Apple, Meta, and Google for alleged non-compliance with DMA regulations

The European Commission has raised concerns about the companies’ potential non-compliance with its significant antitrust rules. The investigations are expected to continue for a duration of 12 months.According to the regulator’s announcement today, the European Commission has opened five non-compliance investigations into Apple, Google, and Meta’s adherence to its new …

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Spotify introduces music videos in certain countries

Spotify is incorporating music videos into its mobile and desktop applications in some regions. The streaming behemoth is closely connected to the company’s music catalog, allowing users to effortlessly transition between audio and music videos on both mobile and desktop applications.Music videos are now under beta testing in 11 specific …

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Google reinstates Indian companies’ applications on Play Store following regulatory action

Update: Google announced the restoration of all Indian firms’ apps following a meeting between the Silicon Valley company, protesting firms, and India’s IT Minister, Ashwini Vaishnaw.“Temporarily reinstating the apps of developers with appeals pending in the Supreme Court as a gesture of cooperation.” Google has the authority to uphold and …

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